Strategic Partners

Balasore Chamber of Industries and Commerce is affiliated with:

Confederation of Indian Industries

Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Chamber of Small Industry Associations


To have a common forum to represent the members of the Chamber in all matters relating to industrial, commercial and labour matters before the Government, Tribunals, Labour Court or any other authority or court.

To facilitate for promotion of industry, Trade & service in the district of Balasore and around.

To represent and safe-guard the interest of the members of the Chamber before the Government or any other authority, labour court, other courts and Tribunal with respect to their grievances, difficulties and disputes or otherwise.

To participate in development of social , cultural & education sector

To make efforts for promoting harmonious, congenial and peaceful relationship and better understanding between the members of the chamber and their workmen /Employees and to settle their disputes.

To promote, assist and co-ordinate the activities of any other Chamber / Association with similar objectives and to affiliate such Associations with this chamber and to affiliate the chamber with other similar Association

To create awareness & propagate Govt. schemes for interest of the upcoming entrepreneurs.

To educate the entrepreneurs both in managerial and Technical aspect by organizing training, seminar & workshops.

To promote and supports cultural, social and philanthropic activities

To raise funds and accept donations / gifts etc. for the creation of fixed assets and management expenses for various activities for the common benefit of the members & the society in general

To organize exhibitions, trade fair and capacity building of enterprises and facilitate marketing of MSE products.

To provide project report for new entrepreneurs

To Impart RDP & skill development training

Counseling for enterprise promotion

Data Bank for use of entrepreneurs & planners.

Facilities available:

It has its own office at Industrial Estate, Balasore equipped with all modern Electronic communication facilities

Chamber is running a Sub-Contract Exchange;

facilities for digital photo Copy, Spiral Binding